1.No Collection of Personal Information for Browsing Purposes.
 René Després, («René Després») does not collect personal information about you unless you order literature by mail or through downloads, send an e-mail message to René Després, subscribe into a specific service or use the online account access. It is recommended that you send e-mail messages to René Després.  Copies of theses messages will be retained and the information provided by you will only be used to respond to your inquiry and to provide you with better customer service.

          2.Cookies. René Després, may use cookies to estimate its size audience.  Cookies are then used to determine the extent of repeated use and the extent of use by a registered user versus an unregistered user to help René Després, better personalise the contents, banner, and promotion that you and other users will see on this site.  René Després does not retrieve any information from your personal computer and will not disclose any of your personally identifiable information except when René Després has your permission or under special circumstances, such as when René Després believes in good faith that the law requires it.  René Després may disclose account information in special cases when it has reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who René Després believes is in violation of René Després' rights.  René Després may also disclose the information for administrative and other purposes that it deems necessary to maintain, service, and improve its products and services.

          3.Request for Products or Services. 
René Després obtains most of its information about you directly from you.  Depending on the type of product or service asked, René Després may need your name, address and additional identification.  For example, your SIN is required for products which earn investment income, in order to comply with Revenue Canada's income reporting requirements. Providing your SIN is optional and will only be used for verification purposes to ensure your account privacy and will enable René Després to keep your information separate from that of other customers with a similar name.  René Després does not transmit any personal information collected through its web site to any third parties.

          4.Use of Personal Information by Employees. 
Certain employees will be provided with information about a web site visitor in order to serve that visitor's needs and provide the visitor with information regarding specific products.  René Després' employees are instructed to use strict standards of care in handling the personal and confidential information of René Després'clients. Employees who do not conform to René Després'confidentiality rules are subject to disciplinary sanctions which may include dismissal.

          5.Information about Products and Services. 
René Després may occasionally send you e-mail messages about products and services that we feel may be of interest to you.  Only René Després will send you said direct mailings.  If you do not want to receive such mailings, you may do so by cancelling your subscription to any service or by contacting René Després by e-mail.

Access to your Investor's Account is secured by the latest Internet security protocol, provided that your web browser supports 128-bit encryption. The latest versions of NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR® and MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER® browsers both offer this feature.  These browsers usually have a feature to inform you when you are entering a secure environment.

          7.Risk Related to Internet. 
Although every effort is taken to ensure that no one else will see or obtain your personal data, complete confidentiality and security is not yet guaranteed over the Internet.  Internet use and communication is subject to interception, loss and alteration.  You acknowledge and agree that René Després shall not be responsible for any damages you may suffer as a result of the transmission of confidential or sensitive information over the Internet, and that any and all communications will be at your own risk.

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